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You need the Ricafort team on your side if you want to buy a house with no hassles.

It's as simple as that. Francis & Willa are just the best Real Estate Agents we have worked until now...and we have bought several houses in the past 20 years we have lived in this country. So, trust us when we say the Ricaforts are the best! AND...they are STILL helping us with things after we have moved in! Do I need to say more?

Sonny B.

We had a great experience with Francis & the Ricafort team buying our first home.

Francis is very knowledgable, patient, honest and his experience speaks throughout the process. We never felt his approach towards us during this process as an agent and client relationship but rather as a professional expert who is guiding the first time home buyers to steer in the right direction in making probably the biggest investment of their lives. The process couldn’t have gone any smoother. We would strongly recommend Francis & the Ricafort team to our family, friends and others. We are looking forward to working with Francis & the Ricafort team in future as well.

Praveen & Mahitha

So here we go!

I write police reports for a living. Often times I have to do some extra follow-up and investigation in order to have a slam dunk case. That's what makes me a good cop. Here's the thing tho. Francis totally rendered my awesome set of skills useless. He left no stone unturned; He never pressured my wife and I into any decision and He even set up behind the scene and unlisted showings for us. AND THIS WAS DURING COVID! When it's been unimaginably impossible to coordinate showings on a timely basis given the SIP orders. I'm lying in bed in a super messy house on move-in day soooo ready to sleep, but I can’t help but feel so fortunate that my wife and I to teamed up with Francis. My rule of thumb is simple when it comes to hiring anyone or choosing any business that earns a profit or commission from my business; Be polite, be knowledgeable and most of all, make me feel like I'm a priority. I'm a military veteran and an LEO using the VA loan. I needed to team up with someone who was knowledgeable on all requirements and stipulations the VA mandated. Francis didn't just provide me with ample information, but he went out and got more. He even got me to go against the grain and seek out other lenders versus my highly popular military-backed bank that I've been using since 2000 ( we vets don't like change). And guess what? I ended up ultimately going with another company and turning my back on what's been familiar for the last 2 decades. I can go on and on about how positive my experience was with Francis, but the truth of the matter is none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the hard work and dedication Francis has put into his craft. Its 0100 and I'm running on fumes. I still don't believe that any amount of words or commendations will describe how appreciative I am to Francis. Give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. In this Real estate world, there are contenders and pretenders. You are absolutely the real deal!

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